White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector Review

15 Dec

I bought the White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector not because I know much about metal detecting, but I needed it to locate my ring, which happened to come off when I was fixing my car in the backyard with the kids. The weather that day was a bit chilly so it happened to slip off my finger. After a tedious hour of searching for it, I realized the best thing was to go out and get a metal detector, since the ring was very dear to me.

I ordered the item and later it arrived on my front step. I opened it up, took a good and placed in the batteries. I then proceeded to read through the booklet and did as the tests suggested. The good thing about the White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector is that it's quite easy to set up.

Once we were all set up, it only took 15 minutes for us to find my ring. Even though it was not actually

buried deep beneath the ground, we had managed to get several other hits of different items. After this small adventure, my kids were more than excited to get their turn with the device. You could see from their faces, the eagerness to have some fun with it and get several hits.

General information

The White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector was designed with to meet the needs of those users and kids who want something light and fun. It can be used for hours without one feeling tired and it has a wide variety of ergonomic features, one of which is its adjustable shaft, with a limit of 2.25 inches. It comes with a one-tone audio indicator which actually gets louder as one nears their target. This means that your child gets an intensified feeling as they approach their prize.

The White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector can discriminate between iron and other kinds of debris or unwanted objects. However, it can also be altered to detect various types of metal. It also has a preset ground balance mode that enables kids to use it over different types of soil or mineral content. In addition, it has an all-metal mode that enables it to detect all metals based on their components; this is regardless of their type. However, this feature only works only when the search coil is in motion. It can sense even coin-sized items as deep as 5 inches, and 2 inches for much larger ones.

The White's Spectra 6.5-inch coil is also quite strong. It can brace all kinds of weather and tends to last for a very long time despite the fact that it's a child using it

The White's Spectra control panel comes equipped with an intensity meter, together with a visual target system and low-battery indicator. It needs two 9-V alkaline batteries that have to be purchased separately.


Main features

•  It is a metal detector primarily designed for children.

• It has the ability to detect coin-sized objects almost 5 inches deep and bigger objects nearly 3 feet deep.

• Comes with a target indicator meter that measures signal strength.

• Its signal sound increase in volume as the targets get nearer.

• Has a discrimination control feature that is capable of eliminating most unwanted debris.

• Has a 6 and A inch coli that is weather resistant.

•  It is lightweight for comfortable and easy handling.

• Comes with a battery tester

• In most cases, comes with a 1-year warranty



• It is quite small and compact which means it's ideal for kids of all ages.

• It has an adjustable shaft, this means that its detector can be adjusted as your child grows. (Adjustment can be of 21 to 23 inches)

• This metal detector comes equipped with a target indicator and discrimination control that allows your kid to find buried objects.

• Setting it up is quite easy and fast, all you need is to simply place the 2, 9 Volt batters, and from there you are good to go. However, keep in mind that the batteries are not included in the package.



•  The detecting coil is only weather resistant but not water proof.

• Detecting small items that are deeper than 6 inches can be quite cumbersome

• It is mainly limited to children and amateur hobbyists.



You should keep in mind that this detector is primarily designed for kids aged of 7 going upwards. This makes it perfect for sharing joyous adventures and discovering buried treasures with your family. In my view, I give it a 5-star rating. It is absolutely worth every penny.

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